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the session

  • so what's a session like?
  • Sessions take place in your home (both indoors and outdoors), at our natural light studio in Wayne (also indoors and outdoors), or at a different outdoor location. If I photograph at your home, come over, well chat a bit, I'll meet the kids, and I'll even go into the closet and help you put together fabulous outfits if we haven't decided that beforehand. Then I'll walk around your home, looking for the most glorious patches of light. And don't worry. hardly notice that pile of laundry in the master bedroom-just long enough to move it out of the frame if its in my shot and go back to pretending its not there. Sessions at our natural light studio are just as relaxed and, most of all, fun! Think of a beautiful, light and airy loft-like setting filled with modern furnishings (fabulous but unbreakable, so no worries, Mom!) and whimsical touches that will delight kids and parents alike. Available session times are select weekday mornings (studio or Main Line area only) and Saturday mornings (any location). In addition to our signature custom sessions, we also periodically offer simplicity studio mini sessions.
  • a playdate
  • I'll get to know your child. This is a playdate, after all, not an ominous "someone's coming to take your picture" scenario. I'll elicit genuine expressions by simply talking and playing with your child. You'll never hear me utter "say cheese." The number one rule for our session is that kids should be kids and parents needn't feel pressure to have their child "sit still for a minute" or smile on cue. Relaxed parents + relaxed photographer = happy babies and stunning portraits!
  • but the photos on the site are so beautiful ...
  • ... and my living room isn't quite decorated yet ... and my yard isn't impeccably landscaped ... and my kids will never behave ... and I still haven't lost those ten pounds ... and my portraits will never look like these. Nonsense! You've just described the thought process of nearly every client featured here. Your photos will be beautiful. Really.